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Project: Scrap is an Arcade-Survival game heavily inspired by Geometry Wars and Asteroids. Pilot a mining ship into a dangerous sector of Space to grab as much of the highly valuable Scrap as you can!

With the Scrap you harvest, you can purchase any of 7 different structures, each with 2 purchasable, unique perks. However, you may only purchase 1 of the 2 perks per building, so choose wisely and adapt your play-style to try and survive!

The game is heavily focused on fluid, vibrant particle effects and high quality music, sound effects and voice lines to bring an amazing atmosphere, whilst boasting an ever-increasingly difficult AI system.

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  • 1280 x 720 locked Resolution.
  • Easy control scheme.
  • 7 Unique Structures to purchase.
  • 14 Unique Perks all boasting differing play-styles. (2 per Structure)
  • Multiple Enemy Ship and Structure Types.
  • The Glorious Universal Voyager Navigation AI will be your ship's AI voice. G.U.V.N.A. will always try to alert you whenever hazardous events happen in the Sector.
  • Catastrophic events! Watch out for randomly occurring Solar Flares, Asteroid Showers and Antimatter Storms passing through the sector!
  • Increasing difficulty every minute! Seriously the game will get difficult, and fast.
  • Custom Scoreboard system.
  • In-game Statistics tracking.
  • Built-in Achievements!

Version Log:

  • 11/04/15 - Version_02: Updated a multitude of game aspects. The update was purely gameplay changes that were to change aspects closer to how we envisioned the game to be originally.
  • 14/04/15 - Version_03: Updated prices of Enemy Ships and Structures to their intended price. They were using older code that hadn't been updated before launch.

Install instructions

Quick Note:

When you first run Project: Scrap the game will create 3 .ini files in the same directory as the .exe file when the main menu has loaded. These are; statistics.ini, scoreboard.ini and settings.ini. These files are set to default settings and are used to remember saved data from previous sessions.

Feel free to manually change your settings.ini file manually if you don't want to use the settings menu in-game, but do not tamper with anything in the statistics.ini file.

I hope you have fun! :)


projectscrap_windows_ver_03.exe 188 MB